Principles for a successful cooperation

A good and personal cooperation with my customers is extremely important to me. I understand our work more as a partnership in which we want to work out a good solution together. This only works in a good cooperation and so that you understand me better, I will tell you here how I work. In addition, these are principles I have derived from working together over the last nine years.

My principles:

One. My clients are partners.

We work closely together and it has to fit between us. If we have the feeling that we want to meet for a beer, then we should work together.

Two. I don't just work off tasks.

I see myself in my role as a consultant. Tasks on a trello board are important. But they are only a result of us setting goals.

Three. I work with measurable results.

Each of us likes different colors, shapes, clothes, etc., all of which have personal backgrounds. We have to make our work measurable. Therefore we set hypotheses, build the solution according to them and then check if they have been confirmed.

4. I put the user in focus.

The user decides on the value of the solution. For this I find out who the user is, what problems he has and what exactly he needs.

5. I want to help.

For me, identification with a project is very important. How much do we need the digital product and what does it really bring to the user? So I like to work with people who really want to build something good for people.

6. I'm listening.

It's a quality that I find particularly beneficial when dealing with the user. With the right questions I try to understand him more and thus offer the best solution.

7. I do not know everything.

I cannot do everything well. In certain areas I have very good knowledge. Should something go beyond that, I ask for the right people to help me. A team is stronger than me alone.

8. I only do it when I'm convinced.

I only tackle things if I'm one hundred percent convinced. If I don't want to do it or can do it half-heartedly, then I don't do it - no matter how unpleasant it is. I prefer to put the time into my passions.

9. I learn sound knowledge, not just tools.

Tools are only the way to a certain result that I would like to achieve. If a tool is replaced by a new one I can fall back on my basic knowledge. I like to work in the long term.

10. I put function before beauty.

Of course the solution should look appealing in the end, but it must work with the circumstances and for the user. I don't just create beautiful graphics with fantasy content, but something that works with real content as well.

*This list should be alive and we will be updated over time with new points by me. Translated with (free version)