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Connect Coaches to Companies

Livejam Website

I worked as an Interface Designer to create the website, which ask the companies about competences they need. It also enables coaches to have a profile that highlights workshops and competencies of the person.

Project period

  • March 2020


  • Wireframing
  • Interface Design

Role in this project

Implementation of the idea from the client in the form of wireframes and drafts in Figma.

Livejam has the best coaches and connects them with companies that are in need of long-term cooperation.

New Color Theme

At Livejam we started completely new and did not pay attention to the existing platform. So I worked out a new color scheme for the new website, which should be friendly and bright.

Highly recommendable Coaches

Livejam versammelt die besten Coaches

Ask for experience

A company does not have all the competences within its team, so that in some projects they have to resort to external experts. You can ask Livejam for the necessary competence and receive a suitable coach from the platform.

Request Experience Packages from Coach

A package of experiences bundles many topics that a coach has to offer. As a company, you can select these and ask the coach directly.

Coach Profile

A coach gets his own profile on which he can present his most important information, workshops and experiences.